Take to the streets and be swept along by Deabru Beltzak's pulsating interactive street theatre - a visceral outdoor procession of drumming and fireworks, coming to Auckland's public spaces as a free live event.

The Catalan festival tradition of correfoc, or 'fire-run', burns brighter than ever under Deabru Beltzak, a Basque street theatre group who, for more than 20 years, have turned cities into blazing infernos with their dazzling cocktail of percussion and pyro.

Masters of costume and fire play, the players behind The Drums of Fire (aka Les Tambours de Feu) are also sorcerers of a certain kind of ritualistic experience, able to hypnotise crowds of all kinds and ages with heart-racing drum rhythms and a startling physicality of performance. Fighting fire with fire, they will set alight this late-summer spectacle with scorching pyrotechnic effects and excite onlookers into a frenzy of dance with scenes that hark back to medieval rites.

A show of incredible intensity, The Drums of Fire moves through the city to its own beat. Over four nights, the performers will follow four different routes beginning from four locations - Aotea Square, Takapuna Beach Reserve, Freyburg Place and Te Wero Island,  Auckland Viaduct. Bring walking shoes and join them on foot for what promises to be a street parade like no other.

Please don’t bring chairs or seating, as there is no dedicated viewing area.

Wed 21 March: Aotea Square
Thurs 22 March: Takapuna Beach Reserve
Fri 23 March: Freyberg Place
Sun 25 March: Te Wero Island, Auckland Viaduct

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Oscar Castaño (Garbitxu)
Cesar Arroyo Ogara
Ruben Sastre
Alain Diez
Iker Barrietos Orcera
Alexander Alonso
Dario Campos

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Remarkable… The energy of the performance is unrelenting.