Silo 6, a collection of six adjoined silos, sits boldly within the Festival Playground at Silo Park. Cavernous and resonant, they are a fascinating acoustic space to explore art and sound. Sonic Silos invites leading groups of sound innovators to respond to this unique setting, including special projects by Jonathan Crayford and Voices NZ Chamber Choir Singers .

Voices NZ Chamber Choir:  Darksong

Bringing to light the harmonies of 500-year-old music in the seductive acoustic of the Silos, singers from Voices New Zealand will light musical torchlights to soothe, console and inspire. Float on the harmonies and meditate or drift through the cavernous spaces following the chants of some of New Zealand’s best choral singers.


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 Director Darksong 2018: Nicholas Forbes

Singers from Voices New Zealand Chamber Choir
Fiona Tibbles
Luana Prictor
Wendy Chen
Dilys Fong
Benjamin Tan
Jack Timmings
James Butler
Rowan Johnston

Original concept created by Brendon Shanks and Amy Mansfield for the 2017 Auckland Fringe Festival