NZSL Videos Available / Very Visual Show

Algorithms are problem-solving operations. They are a set of rules that help us calculate, decode, and define. But what happens when these set of rules are ‘queered’?

Very Visual Show with NZSL videos about the exhibition available through the gallery


Gus Fisher Gallery presents a timely and relevant show, tapping into pressing issues facing local and global queer communities.

This exhibition brings together a plurality of voices where identities are understood as always multifarious and in flux. Assuming a polyvocal and intersectional standpoint, Queer Algorithms features artists whose artworks have and are in the process of reconfiguring new algorithms for change against continued systems of exclusion.

Gus Fisher Gallery is proud to be working with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and Ending HIV on the presentation of a selection of individual panels from the National Aids Memorial Quilt as part of the exhibition. Queer Algorithms includes artworks by ground-breaking artists never seen before in Aotearoa working in the mediums of video, installation and internet art.

Queer Algorithms continues until Saturday 2 May


A Virus Walks into a Bar, 2018 (film still) by John Walter, part of ‘CAPSID’, co-commissioned by Southwark Park Galleries London and HOME Manchester – supported by a Large Arts Award from Wellcome and Arts Council England Grants for the Arts. Image courtesy of the artist.