Layover, the latest exhibition in a continuing series, considers Indigeneity as being-in-motion

Drawing from experiences of commuting cultures in Tāmaki Makaurau, Layover includes two new commissions from Edith Amituanai (Sāmoa) and BC Collective (Ngāpuhi, Tainui, Alofi and Liku, Lakota) which explore ideas of transnationalism, notions of home and ancestral practices.

Layover is the second iteration of an ongoing curatorial project which was initiated in 2017 at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, culminating in the exhibition The Commute. The third iteration, Transits and Returns, will open at the Vancouver Art Gallery in late 2019.

Exhibition continues until Saturday 25 May

Edith Amituanai & BC Collective

Layover is a collaborative project led by Indigenous curators Sarah Biscarra Dilley (yak tityu tityu yak tiłhini Northern Chumash, Chicana), Freja Carmichael (Quandamooka), Léuli Eshraghi (Sāmoa, Irānzamin, Guangdong), Tarah Hogue (Métis, Dutch Canadian), and Lana Lopesi (Sāmoa)