Sylvain Chomet's beloved 2003 animation returns to the big screen with a live jazz score performed by the film's Oscar-nominated composer, Benoît Charest, and Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville.

Download the programme for The Triplets of Belleville ciné-concert here

In 2003, this imaginative French feature swept the globe, raking up dozens of awards and nominations - not to mention the hearts of countless admirers - along the way. As there is no dialogue other than some pretty jazzy singing, a huge part of this Oscar-nominated film's success lies in the score by Benoît Charest, which grabbed audiences by the ears and dragged them into the streets of 1920s Paris and New York.

Now Benoît is back with the high-spirited Le Terrible Orchestre de Belleville playing his brilliant score live as the film is beamed onto the big screen.

Charest's score is a modern spin on 1930s Parisian jazz, ranging from rollicking dance numbers to dusky chansons, including the Oscar-nominated tune 'Belleville Rendez-vous'.

Saddle up for the misadventures of a kidnapped Tour de France cyclist, his would-be rescuer grandmother and the titular trio of larger-than-life divas, all accompanied by surreal comedy and swingin' speakeasy sounds.

PG adult themes.

Years 9-13: Music, Media Studies
Schools Tickets: $20
Saturday 17 March at 7.30pm
ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre


A gloriously oddball animation, adorned with superb songs that glitter like lights on the Seine and clatter like old cars on cobblestones.

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