Exploring sex and desire in the digital age, this fierce new work takes a sledgehammer to the old ideas lurking between our sheets and calls for a rewrite of the scripts we’'ve been taught.

We inherit our sex lives: from movies and books, from past lovers, from porn. And we learn: sex is mostly heterosexual. Women are desired. Men do the desiring and sex is over when he comes.

Shattering these ideas, Body Double blends memoir, erotic fiction, scientific research and the language of Hollywood to expose the invisible rules that shape our relationships. Through nine electric vignettes, dating and dancing and orgasms and desire are exploded and re-examined with playful precision.

Created by acclaimed theatremakers Eleanor Bishop, Julia Croft and Karin McCracken, Body Double combines live performance and projection, offering a fearless new gaze on contemporary romance.

Winner:  The Jack Jeffs Charitable Trust Award for Production of the Year - Wellington Theatre Awards 2017

Recommended for ages 16+

Contains sexual material, nudity and strong language

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Created by: Eleanor Bishop & Julia Croft with Karin McCracken
Performance: Julia Croft and Karin McCracken
Text: Eleanor Bishop, Julia Croft and Karin McCracken
Direction: Eleanor Bishop
Media Design: Kevin Ramser
Set and Costume Design: Lucy Pope
Sound Design: Te Aihe Butler
Lighting Design: Marcus McShane

Co-produced by

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