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Festival Team

Chief Executive David Inns
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Artistic Director Jonathan Bielski
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Business & Finance Manager Vanessa Zigliani
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Accounts & Payroll Administrator Mirena Tomas
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Executive Assistant Elizabeth Swinburn
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Office Manager Gill Saker                                                                                         
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 Receptionist/ Office Assistant Jesse Quaid                                                     
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Pou Tikanga Eynon Delamere


Head of Programming Dolina Wehipeihana
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Creative Associate Tama Waipara
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Senior Programme Manager Steph Walker
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Programme Manager – Toitū Te Reo Ngatapa Black
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Programme Coordinator – Whānui Noma Sio-Faiumu
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Programme Coordinator – Creative Learning 
Amy Turner
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Programme Coordinator – Access and Inclusion Alex Lodge
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Artist & Logistics Manager Megan Andrews
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Artist Liaison Assistant Maria Williams
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Programme Administrator Michelle Wigg
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Technical Manager Nick Tomlin
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Technical Administrator Anna Bennington
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Head of Staging Andrew GIbson
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Head of Lighting Abby Clearwater
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Head of Sound Sandy Gunn
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Head of AV Simon Barker
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Production Manager Vicki Cooksley
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Production Manager, Place des Anges Pak Peacocke
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Operations Manager, Place des Anges Charlotte Crone
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Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications Director Thierry Pannetier
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Marketing & Communications Manager Sally Woodfield
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Brand & Content Creation Manager Tim Wong
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Publicist Tess Marshall
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Communications & Digital Marketing Assistant Jesse Carpenter
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Marketing Assistant Nahyeon Lee
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Partnerships Executive Vanessa Morgan
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Ticketing Manager
 Jillian Davey
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Ticketing Assistant Charlotte Underhill
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All Auckland Arts Festival shows are cancelled as a result of the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Some exhibitions are providing online galleries and the APO is streaming concerts from their back catalogue in place of the Beethoven 250 concerts. Up-to-date information, including information about refunds, is here.