In these two striking Max Richter compositions, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons is reinvigorated for the 21st century, and Virginia Woolf’s prose is interpreted into a startlingly original score.

Unquestionably Vivaldi, unmistakably Max Richter, this smart and fiercely postmodern take on The Four Seasons is both Richter’s homage to the masterpiece and a personal project to reclaim his passion for the work. Moving confidently between string orchestra and electronica, he transforms one of the most recognisable pieces of music of all time across intricate chord progressions, asymmetrical rhythms and other bold sonic gestures. It’s the classic violin concerti as you’ve never heard it before: familiar yet excitingly novel, with a whole new depth of musical expression and experimentation.

Enlisted by The Royal Ballet to write music for a dance piece based on the Virginia Woolf novels Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves, Richter’s Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works arrestingly evokes the fluid language and themes of Woolf’s literary genius. Richly cinematic in sound, this sublime score is full of narrative, emotion and, in honour of Woolf’s life and work, “the redeeming qualities of creativity.”

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Pianist: Max Richter

Violin/Leader: Mari Samuelsen

Soprano: Grace Davidson

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Supported by

Auckland LiveSponsored by

University of Auckland

Achingly beautiful.

The Guardian