Join us for the NZSL interpreted performance of this magical and funny new work from the incredible performing talent of Bro’Town and Sione’s Wedding

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NZSL interpreted performance Sat  24 March 2pm 
Pre show briefing - meet in foyer 1.15pm 

20 years on from their first show, The Naked Samoans return for quite possibly the greatest magic show the world has seen!

The Naked Samoans are Pasfika actors and comedians famous for their hit animated series Bro’Town and two Sione’s Wedding  films .

The story goes that after the death of their only fan (a Samoan magician) the boys inherit his old run down villa in Ponsonby.

This is no ordinary house, it is a magic house! The old man also leaves them a mission: they have to each go through a magic challenge in the house so that together they can put on one more great and successful magic show.

This show is about remembering who you are and how you can make your dreams come true.

You will be  amused AND amazed at this fresh, clever and funny show.  Real magic will happen! 

 1hr 15mins no interval

Recommended for ages 12+

Contains strong language and adult themes.

Tickets $20 each for individual and companion

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