Join us for this dynamic Australian all ages youth circus show - a spellbinding playground adventure set in a junkyard inhabited by children from the 1940s

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NZSL Interpreted performance Sunday 11 March 1pm

This highly visual show has minimal dialogue and is NZSL interpreted.

The professionally trained young artists of Flying Fruit Fly Circus talked to  local elders, collecting their stories about childhood play in Australia during the 1940’s. These became the inspiration to create Junk - the story of a modern-day boy who finds himself in an empty junkyard where he meets the spirits of children from the 1940’s. They teach him to play, trust, invent and take risks. 

An ordinary boy, dressed in lots of safety gear is getting ready to ride his bike. Suddenly he is sucked back in time to the 1940's where he meets a gang of kids.  Wild at heart, with lots of energy, they get  him to play as children once did, free from adult supervision.

Through circus skills, acrobatics and beautiful shadow puppetry, this cast of talented young performers perform a show full of play and imagination.

55 mins no interval.

Tickets $20 each for individual and companion

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