Join us for this powerful one-man show from veteran actor, musician, Aboriginal elder and activist Jack Charles

Click on the video above to watch a NZSL video about this funny and moving show

NZSL interpreted performance 18 March 5pm

Australian legend Jack Charles is coming to Auckland to tell you his life story.

Jack is an Aboriginal elder, actor and musician who has led a very colourful life. He has been homeless, a drug addict and spent time in jail.  

Jack is a survivor of Australia’s stolen generation of children - Aboriginal children who were taken from their families by the government. His story about the sad history of Aboriginal abuses has similarities to the experiences of many indigenous people around the world including Maori and Pacific people in New Zealand.

Jack’s colourful storytelling and sense of humour make this show a fun and postive experience. Jack is accompanied by a live band, video footage and he even makes pottery onstage.                                                                                                                                   

Recommended for ages 15+.
Contains strong language, adult themes and images of drug use

1hr 15mins no interval

Tickets $20 each for individual and companion

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