Eru Dangerspiel is the stuff of legend. After an epic night in 2009 in Auckland Town Hall - a night still talked about by fans and musicians alike - maestro Riki Gooch brings his creative genius to life at the Festival Playground.

For one night, Eru Dangerspiel and his large-scale supergroup perform the latest offering from this musical maverick. Inspired by the heavy disco of Hamilton Bohannon and other early psychedelic/poly-futurist musical movements, the band becomes a large group of musical cells, massaged, moved and activated by the maestro. A mayhem of music and dance not to be missed.

This is a rain, hail or shine outdoor standing event.  Click here to view the Festival Playground Map and click here to view the Festival Playground Music Arena Terms & Conditions.

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Artists: Riki Gooch, Mara TK, Laughton Kora, Ria Hall, Anna Coddington, Mike Fabulous, Joe Lindsay, Jonathan Crayford, Chip Matthews, Julien Dyne, David Long, Toby Laing, Lewis McCallum, Brent Parks, Ned Ngatae, Patrick Pihama, Submariner, Scott Towers  and Miguel Fuentes